We got big news… The Swipii App has had a refresh! 🥳

We are SO excited to finally be able to tell you! We have been hard at work building a new native version of the app which will allow us to make some awesome changes and keep on improving your experience with Swipii. 

For people who have had the loyalty app for a while, your app will be updating to a swanky new version which we think will make your life so much easier. You’ll be discovering your new favourite businesses and earning points in your locals in no time! 

Swipii News New App gif


You no longer need to link your card to see the businesses

A major change to the Swipii app makeover is that you will no longer need to link a card in order to see the Swipii participating businesses. You will need to link up to collect points and rewards though! This means, though, that you can have a look and see which businesses are near you, have a read through our Security and Card Linking FAQs all before linking your card up!


Awesome new explore feature with a map

We’ve made it even easier for you to find new businesses on the Swipii app by introducing an awesome new map feature, which you’ll be able to find on the Nearby tab. The map will centre to your location (if you’re cool with that) and let you know the places in your vicinity who are offering points and rewards. Awesome! Plus, if you’re visiting elsewhere, you can search locations manually and have a look before you go. 

New Swipii app design


100s of businesses signed up to go live

We’ve now got around 100 businesses live on the app and there are loads more getting set up right now for you to start earning points and redeeming rewards. This means more opportunity for you to support local businesses in your area and the chance to discover new spots for your next lunch break or a day out! 


Download the app and have a look around! 

The Swipii app is having a constant open house and you are invited! Download the app now to check out all of the cool features and see which businesses are offering free rewards in your area.


Link your card to start earning points!


Get freebies and find local business near you