Top 10 Date Ideas for Tinder Matches in Glasgow

So the chat-up line went well and now a date is on the cards? You’ll be wondering what on earth you should do. Luckily, for you indecisive lovebirds out there, Swipii has a quick guide for all the Tinder matches in Glasgow today. 

With all of these places, you can get a bit romantic and also earn loyalty points on your purchases if you’ve got the Swipii app. 

Find out which of these date ideas for Tinder matches in Glasgow works best for you and your new beau.


Cafe Strange Brew Glasgow

Cafe Strange Brew


Café Strange Brew

Show off your impressive Instagram photos with a visit to Café Strange Brew for brunch with your Tinder match. Whether it’s baked eggs or fluffy pancakes, a lazy morning could be just the thing to spark a wee romance. 


Tiki Bar and Kitsch Inn

Already a popular spot for Glaswegians, the Tiki Bar and the incredible Thai street food from the Kitsch Inn upstairs give you a lot to choose from for your next hot date. Going well? You can stay for a sit-down meal. Having regrets? You can hide in one of their coffins downstairs!


Purrple Cat Café

Did a photo of a cute cat spark of your conversation on ye olde Tinder? Then you needn’t look any further for the ideal date spot for you and your Tinder match in Glasgow. The Purrple Cat Café on Trongate give you somewhere to meet some fluffy feline friends, and maybe meet the new love of your life. 


Bath St Burger Glasgow

Bath St Burger


Bath St Burger

Another absolute shout is Bath St Burger, even if you’re meeting a vegan lover. If you don’t want to splash out on your first date, a burger and two bottles of Sol will only set you back a tenner. And there’s a student discount! 


The Indian on Skirving Street

Looking for something hot? I mean food-wise. Choose The Indian on Skirving Street for some spice-tastic curries and small plates, and a romantic setting- complete with fairy lights and nice wine. Guaranteed to win you a second date. 



Maybe find out if the like Irish bars while you’re having the Tinder preamble chat, so you know if Malones is the right choice! From lively Irish music (which is live), to football on the big screens (usually also live), you’ll always have something to enjoy, even if the conversation dries up…


Hidden Lane Tearoom Glasgow

Hidden Lane Tearoom


Hidden Lane Tearoom

For something a bit quirky to back up those claims you made on Tinder of you being an artisanal soap expert, you should head to the Hidden Lane in Finnieston and check out some of the wacky little shops and studios. While you’re there, pop into the Hidden Lane Tearoom for some coffee and a bit to eat. Your date will be well impressed. 



Fallen for a fellow geek on your favourite dating app, Tinder? Then you’ll be trying to think of something fun for you both to do. Why not head to Geek-Aboo and buy them the latest merch or a comic you think they’ll like as a keepsake of your blossoming romance. 


CATCH Fish & Chips

Looking for somewhere to get food but still keep things casual? Why not get a chippy? Not just any chippy though, your Tinder date deserves a tasty morsel or two from CATCH Fish & Chips. They’ve even got cheesy fritters to match your cheesy chat-up lines. 



Feist Glasgow




Want to show off your Glasgow coffee shop knowledge? Fèist has just recently opened on St Vincent Street and has some incredible coffee for you to buy for the new love of your life. Maybe a wee cake if you think you’ll be having a second date. 


Let us know if you manage to find true love in one of our recommended locations… Pass on these date ideas for Tinder matches in Glasgow to all your single pals now!


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