The Best Customer Loyalty Program Ideas for Your Business

What do businesses want? Well, for the most part, businesses want to increase their sales and profits, find new customers and turn new customers into regulars. Sound familiar?


There are loads of wacky ideas out there which businesses have been using for many years in order to push for one, if not all, of these goals. Some have succeeded, some have not!


We think that a loyalty program can do it all. That’s why we created one! Here are some customer loyalty program ideas to help you kick ass and take names when it comes to customer retention. 


A coffee stamp loyalty card example for context.


Paper Loyalty Cards 

An evergreen option for businesses across the UK is, of course, the humble paper loyalty card. When it comes to customer loyalty program ideas, this is one of the most common. Whether you stamp it, punch it or draw a smiley face on it, a paper loyalty card can be found in thousands of cafes, retailers and more. Is it right for you and your customers? 


  • It is incredibly simple. You can just download the templates from the internet, or design your own. Mark how many times a customer comes in, and give them a freebie when it’s time! 
  • Customers are almost always likely to take a card if offered. Why not?
  • You can make sure the cards are your own branding so that it’s a promotional thing as well as a reward for loyal customers. 
  • Paper loyalty cards will work for your customers whether they are paying by card, cash, cheque, magic beans, everything. 


  • Customers are constantly losing or forgetting paper loyalty cards. We wrote a whole article about paper loyalty cards and why they aren’t the best choice sometimes. 
  • They don’t give you any data about your customers or allow you to personalise your loyalty program and give more value. 
  • They can be expensive to keep producing more, especially if customers are constantly losing them! 
  • If you’re particularly busy, it can be a bit of extra time that the staff could have saved if they didn’t have to stamp or punch a hole in the card. Not a great experience for your waiting customers!



Swipii Loyalty Program

We may be biased, but Swipii is one of the best customer loyalty program ideas we could think of. We’re loyalty experts, so we should know. But don’t just take our word for it! Find out whether a Swipii loyalty program is right for your business here.


  • A Swipii loyalty program is free. For a simple, one-reward loyalty program, you don’t have to pay us a penny. 
  • It’s simple to set up, we just take a couple of basic business details and then the rest is up to us! 
  • Swipii loyalty programs come with a dashboard for businesses to learn more about their customers, from their average spend to the frequency of their visits. Meaning you can adapt your own marketing to suit!
  • Your loyalty program will get free advertising! Your business will be featured on the Swipii app alongside other businesses in your area, with exposure to thousands of local shoppers. 
  • If you fancy it, you can keep building your loyalty program by opting for one of our paid packages to add on more rewards and things like customer feedback. It’s totally flexible. 
  • There’s no hardware or anything to integrate with your point of sale, so we won’t take up any room at your till point. No tablets, or scanners. Nothing of the sort!


  • The only thing that may throw a spanner in the works for some businesses is that Swipii loyalty programs don’t work with cash payments. Contactless, card payments, ApplePay, Google Pay, paying with your watch, ALL of that works. We use card linking technology so your business has to take card! Luckily, cash only made up 28% of all payments made in the UK in 2018 so it’s a segment of shoppers that is getting smaller every year. 


Birchbox customer loyalty program ideas


VIP Programs (à la Birchbox)

A customer has been coming to your business for 6 months, but they’re getting the exact same rewards as your new customers. Huh? Take a leaf out of Birchbox’s book and think about setting up a VIP program. Check out the pros and cons below to see if it would work for you.


  • For subscription-based services, this is a brilliant option. Why? After a certain amount of months/weeks, you can start rewarding customers who have stuck around. So you can make sure the loyal shoppers get the benefits.
  • Easy to know who should and who shouldn’t be getting the rewards, therefore easier admin. 
  • Makes your regulars feel special- “Companies that prioritize the customer experience have 60 per cent higher profits” (Source: The DMA, via


  • If you’re a bricks-and-mortar business, this could be really hard to keep up. You’re also less likely to run subscriptions in a physical location.
  • Doesn’t really incentivise new people to join the program, you could say this customer loyalty program idea is more about customer retention rather than acquisition. It’s up to you to decide if that’s what you want 


Man thinking of customer loyalty program ideas


What do you think of our customer loyalty program ideas?

Like what you hear? Well, with a free Swipii loyalty program, you’ll not only get the benefits that a loyalty program brings such as retained customers and a boost in your customers’ spend. If you opt for one of our amazing value paid packages, you’ll also get ratings and feedback which is verified by transactions, you’ll be exposed to thousands of users in your area via our Nearby feature, and we’re releasing more awesome features every week! 

We think that your business and Swipii are a match made in heaven, so why not sign up today. Did we mention that our loyalty programs are free

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