About Us

Swipii is built to enable local businesses to grow and thrive with the support of an awesome customer loyalty program. We’re on a mission to give these businesses the tools and technology they need to help them compete on a level playing field with global brands. At the same time, we’ve created the Swipii app to be a hub for shoppers to discover amazing offers and deals from these same local businesses, so they can save money on their everyday purchases and fuel local economies.

The company started in 2014 as a side project at University. Today, consumers across the UK are discovering new businesses and their loyalty programs all from inside the incredible Swipii app.

We are passionate about building local business communities and we do it all from our headquarters in Glasgow.

Founder story

It all started in 2014 when Chitresh Sharma and Louis Schena met whilst studying for their masters at Strathclyde University…

Their big idea at the time was to build a loyalty programme that would change the way nightclubs encouraged repeat customer visits through better data collection and follow up marketing. However, they quickly realised this was not a huge problem to solve.

Louis and Chitresh, the founders who created the loyalty app.

Small, local businesses on the other hand, lacked the same resources as their larger high street competitors with bigger budgets to spend on loyalty and marketing programmes. With Swipii’s platform, these businesses now had access to technology where they could create a digital loyalty programme in minutes, that helped boost customer loyalty, encourage repeat visits and help them to grow. And all at an affordable price.

The concept quickly proved popular, with over 1000 active paying businesses and 1 million users within the space of a few years.

In 2016-17 Swipii were proud winners of Best ‘Customer Loyalty, Personalisation and CRM’ award at the UK Digital Experience Awards.

The logo for an award the Swipii app was given.


At the risk of using a very overused phrase, here at Swipii we are on a ‘journey’, not just in terms of the products we build, but also the culture that evolves over time.

It’s probably fair to say that whilst our mission has always remained the same, the way in which we go about achieving this mission has shifted. We’ve learnt a lot in a short space of time. Delivering a product that really works for our businesses and consumers is our raison d’etre.

With this shift, we’ve looked closely at our identity and the organisation we we want to be. It started with looking at establishing our core values and that didn’t mean sticking the latest or boldest slogans on the wall, but actually involving our whole team in pinpointing the behaviours and skills that we value here.

We used a collaborative process and really thought about what does it mean to work at Swipii. Who we hire, who we recognise for their impact, who we promote and who stays with us will be those that reflect our core values.

We believe in making Swipii a rewarding place to work – after all, we are all about rewards and loyalty – it’s the foundation of our business and in our DNA!

At Swipii, in pursuit of creating an ‘‘always rewarding” place to work, we value:

Image of skydivers to show our loyalty program is daring.

…always nurturing & fun

It’s not about the blame game here – failure is okay – we learn from it, it paves the way to bigger and better successes.

We are a driven and determined bunch who recognise that no one is perfect and somewhere along the way to success, everyone will at some point make the wrong call or decision at times – we are comfortable with this – it’s more worrying to have people afraid to speak up, afraid to make decisions or afraid to take risks – that is a controlling environment that limits potential : Swipii loses out and most importantly so does our customer.

So instead, we want to create an environment where people can flourish – we share our knowledge, we are open to feedback given in the right spirit. We want to learn from each other and develop every member of the team. We look out for each other, lift people up when needed and together recognise its up to us to make coming to work fun and enjoyable. A happy team of people will lead to happy customers.

…always empowering

Our people come first and we want everyone to feel empowered at Swipii – this comes as a result of trusting our people and allowing everyone to take ownership, responsibility and have autonomy to do what they wish to do. We understand our mission, we believe in the vision, and we are given the freedom to go achieve great things!

We foster a culture where people can ‘seize the day’, if they have an idea then build on it, share it, and make it happen. We recognise when this happens and we show our appreciation loud and clear – the power of thanks is immense and motivates us to continue working in this way and go the extra mile.

Superhero image to show we are building a strong rewards program.
Image representing mindfulness which we needed to create the loyalty program.

…always mindful

We realise that as the company grows our methods of work will evolve – we are positive about change, we embrace it and will seek to listen to and understand the views and opinions of our team, customers, suppliers.

We work hard to be better all the time and don’t let complacency set in. We buy into the principles of being adaptable and agile in our approach to work but that doesn’t mean one size will always fit all.

We work at a sustainable pace and are present in the moment, ie, we come to work to give our all so we can also go home and give the other aspects of our life as much commitment and purpose. Work life balance is key to well rounded, happy people.

…always respecting

We treat one another, our customers, suppliers or anyone with which we interact, with respect and honesty. We are considerate and always put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.

Open and transparent in our approach, we keep communication at the forefront of our minds. We trust one another to do the right thing. We are not afraid to show humility and say sorry when things perhaps don’t work out as planned. We are humble and recognise the support and help from others to achieve our success.

We lead by example – we treat others the way in which we want to be treated.

A sneaker to show our team building the Swipii app is dynamic.

It’s an evolving thing

We look for people who can identify with these values – those people will not only fit with our culture, they will further it! These people will add value to our amazing group of talent and will be a welcome addition to our team.

We realise we aren’t done, we get that culture isn’t a project with an end date; it’s not something to work over a few sprints; it’s not about the freebies or the foosball table. For us is about creating an environment as described above – our work will never be done here – it’s up to us to keep cultivating this and adapting over time.

Career Opportunities

Sound like your sort of place? If so we’d love to hear from you.